• "Reinvention of Tomorrow is the Solemn Promise of a Better World"

    IEYS 2014

  • "Everybody can talk, but very few can speak."

    Toastmasters VIT

  • "Rather than debating about it, we should take major steps.There is no awareness of the fine system in India. We should make people aware."

    Spread Awareness



About The Summit

The aim of the entire summit stands to motivate and steer the youth of today to 'Reinvent Tomorrow'. Tomorrow is a realm ruled by and catering to the individuals with a drive to achieve and accomplish the extraordinary. The summit aspires to provide such driven individuals bringing about change in the world with an interactive platform to share their experiences with the makers of tomorrow.

  • Theme

    "Reinventing Tomorrow"

    In order to fulfill that promise and satiate that drive within each of us, Toastmasters VIT presents India Emerge Youth Summit 2014.The aim of the entire summit stands to motivate and steer the youth of today to Reinvent Tomorrow. Tomorrow is a realm ruled by and catering to the individuals with a drive to achieve and accomplish the extraordinary. The summit aspires to provide such driven individuals bringing about change in the world with an interactive platform to share their experiences with the makers of tomorrow.

    From the powerfully persuasive Martin Luther King Jr. who inspired a revolution through his words, to the minds at Bell Labs at AT&T who prepared the first satellite phone, mankind has always been blessed with an assortment of change makers who continue to dream of a tomorrow with a brighter future. Following in such great examples, we as organizers of this summit recognize that each of us offers something unique to the society. We began our work in 2012 with our inaugural conference, where we inspired many students to work towards becoming a part of policies that govern our society. We then progressed to IEYS 2013, aiming at giving that very zeal some direction with the theme “Corruption and Contemporary India”.

    IEYS 2014 will be conducted in September, at the Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. VIT University has, since the start, been an ardent supporter of creative innovations and path-breaking projects. It shall once again open up its gates and welcome intelligent and experienced speakers to enthrall an audience of learners and shapers.

    The world of tomorrow is for all of us, but only those who dare to bring it into existence are the ones that can be responsible for it. It is time to bring back the future. It is time to Realize, Reflect and Reinvent.

  • Vit University

    "A place to learn, a chance to grow"

    Situated on the outskirts of Vellore, VIT University is home to over 20,000 students hailing from different parts of the world and pursuing degrees in engineering and management. Founded in 1984, as Vellore Engineering College, by our Honorable Chancellor Dr. G. Viswanathan, the institution offers 18 undergraduate and 34 postgraduate programmes and draws students from 47 countries as well as from every state in India. VIT is known for its international standards of education, having MoU’s with over a hundred different foreign universities. The programmes in VIT are structured around nine schools of excellence, some of which have been accredited by National and International level agencies such as NAAC – UGC, Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), U.K., Energy Institute(U.K.). Teaching at VIT University is. Research centers are also part of the schools, encouraging interdepartmental collaboration and opportunity for students to participate in exciting research projects.

    VITians have created placement records time and again, with the most recent one being Accenture that placed a whooping 1,492 students in campus recruitment. An unfettered spirit of exploraton, rationality and enterprise thrives in the campus with the faculty being extremely supportive, highly qualified and student friendly.

    The chancellor, Dr. G. Viswanathan was recently awarded the lifetime achievement award for the phenomenal reforms he has brought about in higher education. The university has been consistently placed in top 10 list of Indian colleges by leading magazines like India Today and The Week.

    As an educational institution offering state-of-the art facilities to students from India and abroad, VIT is fast blossoming into an institution of international repute.

  • Toastmsters Vit

    Toastmasters International

    Toastmasters International is a leading movement devoted to making effective oral com-munication a world-wide reality. Through its member clubs, it helps men and women learn the arts of speaking, listening, and thinking—vital skills that promote self-actualization, en-hance leadership potential, foster human understanding, and contribute to the betterment of mankind. It was founded by Ralph C Smedley on October 22, 1924, at the YMCA in San-tana, United States. It was then incorporated under California law on December 19, 1932. Currently, it is home to 2,80,000 members spread across 116 countries.

    A Toastmasters club adopts a "learn-by-doing" philosophy, wherein each member learns at a pace suitable to his or her developmental needs. The Toastmasters program is divided into two separate tracks - Communication and Leadership, with members progressing along each track by presenting speeches and taking on roles within their club, district, and Toastmasters International itself. The heart of the Toastmasters curriculum is leadership development and it also strength-ens one's leadership qualities. This is motivated in part by the fact that Toastmasters Inter-national is staffed completely by volunteers. Even the board of directors is composed of volunteers, who still hold memberships in local clubs, and are not paid. Toastmasters awards its highest honour, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), to members who have achieved both the Advanced Communication Gold and Advanced Leader Silver awards. To achieve the DTM typically takes five to eight years of dedicated service and leadership in at the local club, area, and division levels.

    Toastmasters International is continually expanding its worldwide network of member clubs, hereby offering ever greater numbers of people the opportunity to benefit from its program.

    Toastmasters VIT

    TMI-VIT is one of the most active student chapters in VIT, hosting sessions on all days ex-cept for Sundays. With a team of dedicated members, desirous of learning and of helping others learn, the Toastmasters experience helps blossom the internal Leader in all its mem-bers.

    TMI-VIT partisans and indulges in a plethora of activities in the University. Joy Fest is a mass movement for joyful giving. In view of this occasion, Toastmasters International-VIT Chapter and Music Club-VIT organized ―Libretto, which was a social event to help the un-derprivileged. TMI-VIT organized an out-bound training programme [OBT] for its members at Horsley Hills, Andhra Pradesh which comprised of various group activities that enabled the students to learn team-work and leadership qualities.

    TMI-VIT chapter also organized a national level summit, the ―Riviera Youth Summit which acted as a curtain-raiser for the inter-collegiate sports and cultural fest, Riviera 2011. The summit provided a constructive platform for helping young minds to channelize their effer-vescent energy and empowering the youth as well as acting as a guide in the path of moulding a superpower from within the nation. TMI-VIT has also organized workshops on ―Public speaking and Corporate expectations from young entrepreneurs. Moreover, in Riviera 2011 and Riviera 2012 we showcased our signature event “Mouth Speak” to test the communication skills and the team spirit in an individual.

    The hallmark event on the Toastmasters International body is the ―Speech Contest and TMI-VIT hosted the club level International Speech Contest and Table Topics Speech Con-test that won laudatory admiration and praises of the Area and Division Officers that su-pervise our club, branding it as one of the most sophisticated events.

    TMI-VIT then organized the India Emerge Youth Summit 2012 on the theme of Indian poli-cy framework, that acted as a curtain raiser event for the intercollegiate Techo-Management fest, graVITas 2012, hosted by the university. The summit provided a con-structive platform for helping young minds to channelize their energy and guided them in the path of making a positive impact in the society around them.

    The clubs have made phenomenal progress in the number of educational award holders. There are several Competent Communicator, Competent Leadership and Advanced Com-municator Bronze award holders in the club within just two years of its existence. In addi-tion to this, the clubs have won the coveted “President’s Distinguished Club” title be-stowed by Toastmasters International headquarters signifying the constructive zeal of the club. The clubs have bagged all of the membership awards - Smedley Award, Talk-up Toast-masters & Beat the Clock through its excellent membership drive. Toastmasters International VIT Chapter is a dynamic student chapter comprising of sincere and committed members who strive to attain the paramount standards and strongly be-lieve in teamwork.

Our Patrons

VIT University















Campus Ambassador

The Campus Ambassador, in his/her entire tenure, would represent IEYS – Indian Emerge Youth Summit, VIT University in their college.


Putting up posters of our events on student notice boards within 2 days of receiving the poster
Forwarding the mailers to their student mailing list within 2 days of receiving the mailer
Publicising our events on their social media channels by sharing the link of our event
Ensure student registration from their colleges on IEYS’14 website


Free tickets to the conference
Free merchandise (T shirts, book marks, etc)
Free accommodation
Official Certificate from IEYS

So go ahead and register yourselves at bit.ly/ieyscampusambassador

Our Premier Competitions

This GraVITas, India Emerge Youth Summit brings to you 3 Grand Events, all leading up to 1 mega event , on 27th and 28th September. So buckle up and get ready because here’s your chance to be a part of it and win some amazing prizes!

  • A Online Photography Competition

    Glimpses Of India

    A camera stalls the world. It captures the world as you see it but even more what you miss. Show us how wonderful and interesting your world is and we will reward the most interesting ones.


    1.Only one entry is allowed per participant.
    2. It is an all India Competition.
    3. All the photos need to have a caption which suits the image.
    4. Photos which would be sent as entries for the event can be used for, but not restricted to Internal & External publicity for the summit.
    5. The shortlisted photographs would be published on the IEYS Website & Facebook page.
    6. After the participants submit their photographs (to ieysphotography@outlook.com) , they are encouraged to share their photographs on their Facebook profiles with a brief title along with the hashtag #ieysphotographycontest, to get as many likes as possible. Please mention this hashtag in your description for the convenience of our evaluation and make sure the privacy settings for that photo are set to Public. Photos without the hashtag will not be evaluated.
    7. Results will be announced on the day of the summit.
    8. Participants are expected to be a part of the summit which will be held on the 27th & 28th of September.
    9. All the entries must be original and should not be downloaded or borrowed from any online sources.
    10. Entries with digital watermarks and/or with any kind of encoding will be disqualified.
    11. Entries which are obscene will be disqualified and strict action will be taken against the participant.
    12. Incomplete entries or the entries without the full details prescribed will be disqualified.

    Entry Format

    We are looking for striking images in DIGITAL FORMAT ONLY of the theme mentioned above.
    All photographs should accurately reflect the subject matter and the scene as it appears. Feel free to add filters. Multiple exposures that have combined to produce a single “High Dynamic Range” image are acceptable.
    Please note that there is no restriction to the TYPE OF CAMERA USED. Images captured using mobile phones, iTouches and other electrical devices are accepted but please ensure that the submissions are in DIGITAL FORMAT ONLY (.jpg, .png are all acceptable). Images that do not meet these requirements may not be judged at the judging panel’s sole discretion.

    Judging Criteria

    The submitted entries will be judged in a weighted scaling on :
    The no of “LIKES” the entry garners on Facebook (30% weightage)
    Judges’ discretion (70% weightage)

  • A National Business Competition


    Aimed at encouraging people all round India to unleash their inventive potential and flesh out ideas spanning multiple dimensions.

    Our Vision:

    Innovation and entrepreneurship are the wheels that steer the world into a brighter future. The world economy will tumble upon itself if new innovations are not reaped every day. Great ideas result into great undertakings which pave the way for glaring success. It is easier said than done because the process of realizing an idea needs a deep understanding of the world around, and an innate preparedness to cope with failures - an inevitable part of enterprising. In order to facilitate this vision of promoting entrepreneurship in India and the world, IEYS and Toastmaster VIT organizes Endeavor!, an international business plan competition.

    Endeavor! provides a platform for potential ideas and early stage start-ups to evaluate their plan in the risk-free environment of a competition. It aims to bridge the gap between ideas and the realization of an enterprise. Support from organisations like Mumbai Angels, IAN, Global Entrepreneur Network and TiE makes Endeavor! a networking hub for entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.

    Stages in Endeavor

    Stage 1 – 1-day Hands-on Entrepreneurship and Business Model Workshop (Optional)

    Stage 2 – Registration for Endeavor, A Business Model Competition (Registrations can be individual or in group). After they register, they need to make a B-Plan for their start-up and fill the form given on the website (Deadline – 15/9/2014). Register Here

    Stage 3 – Shortlisting and Mentoring of selected teams. The selected participants from stage 2 will have to give a short presentation(5-10 minutes) on their B-Plan.

    Stage 4 – In this stage, the selected teams will be provided with the feedbacks given by the judges from the stage 3. They also have to get feedback from as many potential customers as they can, to improve their B-Plan. Keeping all the feedbacks in their minds, they have to modify their B-Plans. Based on the modified B-Plan, 8-10 teams will be selected for the final round.

    Stage 5 – Grand Finale at VIT University for top 8 - 10 teams. In this stage, the selected teams have to give a 20 min detailed presentation of their B-Plan including all the prototypes (flow charts, graphs, pictorial representation of their products(if any), etc.) Followed by the presentation, there will be a small 5 min Q & A session between the presenting team and the other teams/judges. Finally, the team with the strongest idea and plan will get to see their dreams come true!


    Social Idea
    Technology Idea
    Clean Energy Idea
    Services Sector Idea
    Innovative Idea of the Year


    1.The ideas are to be based on the points provided to them through the pamphlets and while publicity.
    2.Idea should focus on problems experienced at an individual level ; Problems related to day to day activities, problems related to difficulties faced by younger generation ; inefficiencies you notice in your daily routine work
    3.The points should be comprising of all the feasible details of the idea.
    4.The presentation should include all the necessary information regarding the raw materials, funding, market for their products, etc.
    5.In short, it needs to very precise and to the point.
    6.The teams need to specify the feedbacks and the changes brought in the original plan specifically.
    7.The presentation should not be for more than 20 min.; the QA session will be 5 min for each team.

  • An Open Debate Competition


    Do you feel like your opinions are not heard or even discarded just because you are not “mature” enough? We would like to provide a platform for you to voice out your opinions and be heard not only by your peers but also by other influential people of the older generation who are willing to look past your age (or lack of it ) and consider your side on many of such burning issues plaguing mankind, like poverty, female foeticide, war and other such hot topics and all in the comfort of our own college.


    Develop critical thinking skills
    Develop Team work skills
    Stoke students' interests in current social affairs
    Encourage a global approach toward problem solving
    Create socially aware citizens

    Stages in Ideate

    Stage 1 – Register for the upcoming open debate event. There are NO registration fees. Submit your entry of not more than 300 words regarding the mentioned topic at bit.ly/ieys2014opendebate

    Stage 2 – Semi Final (17 Sept):
    This will happen on 17 September. The short listed participants are then judged through a series of both individual and team debating challenges for a spot in the final round

    Stage 3 – Final Round(27-28 September):
    Participants in the final round would take part in an open debate and voice their opinions on a common issue/ problem. The winner is judged on the basis of the ideas they put forward and their effectiveness in putting it forward.


Our Elite Speakers

Jagdish Mukhi

Awarded for being the best MLA (1998-2003), Jagdish Mukhi has held posts from Finance Minister to the leader of the opposition in the Delhi State Legislative Assembly. During his tenure in these posts he reduced taxation while increasing revenue and greatly improved the living conditions in Delhi State.

Balraj Nandwani

Presently Managing Director of ‘ComfortAge’ an organisation committed to provide senior citizens with a home away from home, a life with style, dignity, self-esteem and security, Balraj Nandwani is a renowned strategist, motivator and seminar leader.

MC Abbas

MC Abbas has made his mark in the world of anchoring by hosting a variety of talk shows. He has taken to the stage with celebrities like AKCENT and Boman Irani. For his achievements he was felicitated with an award by Toastmasters International as the Young Achiever & Youngest Keynote Speaker in their history.

Prabbal Frank

Life Coach, Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Author, a celebrated Management & Communication Expert, Prabbal Frank has personally trained more than 50,000 people from all walks of life in the Indian academic and corporate world. He recieved the Best Master Trainer Award in 2009 for his efforts.

Philip Sunil Urech

As the Disarmament co-ordinator at the World Federation of United Nations Associations Mr. Urech led outreach effort with de-central teams from China, Russia, US and Switzerland and has co-organised conferences at the UN HQs, moderated panel discussions and idea finding sessions. He is currently the CEO of Crowdguard, which is on the verge of launching a public safety application for cell phones.

Bharat Kumar

Mr. Bharat Kumar is a well-known defence attorney, who has handled many high profile cases like those of Satyam Computers, Fenoplast and TATA.As a columnist for Indian Express he has authored more than 300 articles and is well known for his links with the civil rights organization – Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee.

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