"What Does It Take When The Nation Beckons You To Act?"

Come be a part of change and be heard.
India Emerge Youth Summit 2013
28th-29th Sept, Anna Auditorium, VIT Univeristy
"A leader is one who proves himself in front of his people, as a working candidate.
I feel, whomsoever you vote for, the end result is the same. So it's not worth voting."
Student, VIT University
"What's Worse?
Corruption or your indifference to it?"
"IEYS very active. IEYS is one thing that works with the young generation over here. Its gonna make a difference."
Aaransha Saxena, Student, VIT University
"Everybody can talk, but very few can speak."
Toastmasters International - Where Leaders Are Made

Toastmasters-VIT Chapter: Organizers of India Emerge Youth Summit 2013
"Susceptibility towards greediness makes us corrupt.
We are not sincere to what has to be done; we are more interested in the money involved."
Student, VIT University
"IEYS 2012 was really inspiring, like for example, Prakash Rohera was really good.
Given a chance, I would like to change the constitution, there are a lot of mistakes in the constitution."
Madhur Gandhi, Student, VIT University
"Rather than debating about it, we should take major steps.
There is no awareness of the fine system in India. We should make people aware."
Swati, Student, VIT University
"IEYS will definitely arise a lot of fire amongst the youth. I've worked with a couple of anti-corruption groups, and I know it makes a difference.
When people talk about something, a hype is created, people become more interested in it as they see many people talking. But if you give them a platform, where they can learn about it, it is goning to be great."
Anagha, Student, VIT University
"India is a poor nation of rich people. Upper caste people are given privileges here. When it comes to election, the rich people can throw more."
Shiyana, Student, VIT University
"Youth should come forward because only the new ideas can help eradicate corruption.
Parents telling children about rewards is the spark that begins at the base of the pyramid. Children should be taught the right away."
Sujith, Student, VIT University
"The only way India will become a rich nation with rich people is by removing corruption and corrupt officials."
Priya, Student, VIT University
"Corruption has been around for quite a while now, but it is only now that people have started to try to make changes and amends against it. IEYS is one such example.
"What, as youth, can we do?", asked Arvind Kejriwal. Answer - "You need to study and participate when we call you and come and be a part of it."
Sanchit, Student, VIT University
"Outsiders think that India is a place of corruption. Well that is shameful to hear. It's time we stand up and make a difference."
Soham Roy, Student, VIT University
"The gap between the rich and poor is ever increasing and all of this is because of corruption.
We lose talent mostly because of social reputation."
Preeti Mishra, Student, VIT University
"Corruption depends upon you. It is a state of mind.
India is a nation full of talent but lack of opportunities.
I'm totally against reservation. Reservation should not be based on caste system it should be based on the poverty line. If someone is born poor what's his fault."
Akshay, Student, VIT University
"India is a rich nation with poor politicians with poor mind-set. We need to change that."
Suparna, Student, VIT University

India Emerge Youth Summit

India is a country rich and diverse in its heritage, culture, religion and much more, hence it has all that it takes to become a superpower. However, India is rife with corruption deeply rooted for decades. This characteristic shadows the hope for a perfect 'India' we wish to live in. This year at India Emerge Youth Summit, some of the brightest minds of the nation will brainstorm with the young minds of the country to spread awareness about the current state of corruption in the nation and ideate on how to extirpate it, enabling the youth to make decisions to build the India of their dreams.

The theme of the summit is 'Corruption And Contemporary India' in the Indian context. The primary goal of the summit is to educate the youth on the true happenings of the nation and spurring them into action. India Emerge Youth Summit 2013 is organized with the unwavering zeal to guide the young minds of India towards a better, corruption-free nation.

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The India Emerge Youth Summit 2013 is an initiative created and organized
by Toastmasters VIT, a Toastmasters International chapter of VIT University.